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This is good:

At the marble arches that stand atop this lower Manhattan landmark, a crowd of an estimated 20,000 people on Monday night wielded signs about “big structural change.” Introductory speakers told the crowd that Democrats didn’t just need the energy of a “blue wave” — but “a plan.” And Warren, invoking the story of the nearby factory fire that set off a wave of feminist activism in 1911 and helped lead to the New Deal, outlined a theory of change that combines movement-driven pressure “from the outside” with the tactical power of a leader working the system “from the inside.”

At her campaign events, the 70-year-old Massachusetts senator usually builds a case for her plan to fix a “corrupt Washington” around her on story: She talks about watching her family fall from the middle class in Oklahoma, learning words like “mortgage” as a kid, or about her career studying the root cause of bankruptcies, or fighting companies like Wells Fargo as a senator.

On Monday, Warren presented another woman’s story as the model for her movement for “big structural change.” Frances Perkins, the suffragist who would go on to serve as Franklin Roosevelt’s labor secretary and help advance the New Deal, witnessed the 1911 fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory just east of the park that killed nearly 150 garment workers locked inside, the vast majority of them women.

Amid an already growing movement over low wages and “dangerous and squalid conditions,” Warren told the crowd in Manhattan, Perkins went to Albany to lobby the government.

Wait, what I mean is that Warren is ACTUALLY just running an elaborate long con in which she is hiding her secret agenda to institute a few modest technocratic neoliberal reforms that provide no material benefits to people while also exhorting her supporters to to nothing. Very insidious!

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