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How Can We Not Miss You If You Won’t Go Away


Mark Halperin, showing the world he’s still the same entitled prick he’s always been:

Disgraced political pundit Mark Halperin was very unhappy when MSNBC brass nixed his attempt to repair his career through a possible collaboration with the stars of Morning Joe. So he picked up the phone and called network chief Phil Griffin.

It did not go well.

Multiple sources tell The Daily Beast that the conversation earlier this year became acrimonious, with Halperin dishing up vague threats against his former boss.

MSNBC declined to comment on the episode. But MSNBC insiders said Griffin was furious about the conversation and wouldn’t likely take Halperin’s calls in the future. 

The hostile exchange was a sign of Halperin’s frustration that his dream of returning to the punditry business—almost two years after numerous women came forward with stories of sexual misconduct—has been thwarted at each turn.

The fact that Halperin thought he was in the position to muscle Phil Griffin is grimly hilarious:

Although it also demonstrates the treatment he came to expect from media executives, which helps to explain why got away with abusing co-workers for so long,

Anyway, Halperin is not a marginal #MeToo case. His misconduct was repeated and extremely serious, he’s clearly not remotely contrite about it, and his punditry is worse than useless anyway. Every media executive should be following Griffin’s lead with respect to his phone calls.

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