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The Boy in the Bubble


As Erik observed, conservatives and “libertarians” continue to be upset about the 1619 project, not because they have any empirical or substantive objection but because they object to doing such analysis in principle:

Shapiro’s response is utterly devoid of any argument, just a bunch of buzzwords (GRIEVANCE-MONGERING) that take the superficial form of the argument; the expected rote response. But this is true comedy gold:

Exactly! Also, “blame America first,” I believe that’s the full Sean Hannity bingo card.

You will not be surprised to learn that Shapiro essayed a defense of Shelby County so galaxy-brained even John Roberts considered it unusable. But it makes more sense now; if you think things have never been better for immigrants to the United States thinking racist vote suppression is a thing of the past is nothing.

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