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Sunday Massacre


Conservatives are FREAKING OUT over the New York Times’ 1619 Project. This leaves me slightly conflicted because I don’t really want to defend the Times and its terrible coverage of our rising fascism and its op-ed page’s daily atrocities. But then much of the rest of the paper is really good. And the 1619 Project is looking to be excellent. Erick Erickson is going into meltdown mode that is both typical and laughable. And then there is our lovely former Speaker of the House and the worst historian to ever get a Ph.D., that’s the right, it’s the legendary professional defender of Belgian imperialism in the Congo, Newton Gingrich.

Newt tried to snark. But he met up with actual smart person Dave Zirin. It did not go well for Newt.

If only this would shut Gingrich up for the rest of his putrescent life.

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