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ICE: A Tool of Capitalism


It is not at all surprising that a fascist agency of ethnic cleansing such as ICE would be useful for employers. Both are happy to screw over workers, deporting them when they get uppity.

An undocumented Chinese restaurant worker claims he was wrongly detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement while giving a deposition in a lawsuit.

Xue Hui Zhang lives in Brooklyn and was previously a cook at an Albany restaurant, Ichiban, from 2008 to 2015, according to his attorneys. The restaurant is no longer in business. Zhang claims he’s owed $200,000 in back wages and is suing the former employer in federal court in Albany for violating the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Last Monday, attorney Adam Dong said he was accompanying Zhang as he gave his deposition at the office of the defense counsel near Albany. The arrest happened when they broke for lunch. 

“We got out of the car and we walked toward the diner entrance,” Dong recalled. There, he said, five or six ICE agents “stopped us and said, ‘Mr. Zhang can you come with us?'”

He said he asked the ICE agents why Mr. Zhang was stopped and was told they had an outstanding warrant. He’s now being held at a detention center in Buffalo.

Dong said Zhang believes his former employer notified ICE about his whereabouts. “It is not difficult to infer ICE was there because someone tipped them off, they were waiting for Mr. Zhang to come out to arrest him.”

Of course this would happen. Employers have been turning themselves into immigration authorities for years to deport union-friendly immigrant workers. ICE is happy to deport all the brown people. They are going to work together to keep America’s workers helpless. This isn’t the only case either.

It’s just another example of employers and the state working together to crush worker rights, perhaps the most important problem in American labor history, as I discuss here.

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