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On OT Comments


OK, y’all. It’s time for a chat.

In the last few weeks, there’s been a major uptick of off-topic comments in posts. Today, that ends. Like, right now.

Listen, we write about issues we think are important. You know what is not important? Polls. If we thought those things were important, we would write about them. We don’t because we know they are not. We aren’t here for you to freak out about every little political thing.

We write about the things we write about for a reason. If there is a thread on politics that is 200 comments in and you throw something in, OK, fine, whatever. But there’s been far too many cases lately of commenters starting posts with OT comments. And it’s highly irritating. When people take Simon’s posts on reparations and decided to start comments with some OT thing on politics, it’s really unacceptable to him. It’s the same when people do that on my music posts, or grave posts, or labor history posts. Others feel the same way. I’m not writing this on my own. I’m speaking for many other members of the community here and asked for their approval before writing this. We are sick of it.

So starting right now, all OT comments are going to be deleted by me. Knock it off.

There is one exception. Farley has volunteered to have his posts be open to whatever you want to add, on topic or off. I don’t know, maybe he needs the comments or something.

But in any case, we aren’t trying to be jerks here, but in order to keep LGM functional, we have to keep a tight rein on the comment threads so our site doesn’t become like so many others.

Sorry if this bothers you, but LGM is not a free speech zone. It’s a don’t piss us off zone.

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