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Let’s check in on fiercely independent maverick Mitt Romney


The President of the United States has said some flagrantly racist things. What do you think about that, “Maverick” Mitt Romney?

Huh, who would have guessed that a guy who actively sought Donald Trump’s endorsement after winning the party’s nomination by demagoguing the most egregiously on immigration would be a complete lickspittle for Donald Trump once being elected? It’s almost as if “Never Trumpism” was based not on opposition to Donald Trump’s racism or propensity to commit sexual assault but on (unfounded) worries he wouldn’t support Paul Ryan’s economic agenda, and has vanished from the Republican conference was the unfoundedness was revealed.

By the way, what happened to that Longstanding Principle, long-observed from November 2016 until Summer 2017, that failed presidential nominees should permanently retire from public life lest they CONSUME OXYGEN something something? I’m beginning to think this “rule” may have been developed to apply to one particular candidate who had the wrong gender to seek the presidency. If only there was a snappy three-word phrase that could describe this phenomenon.

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