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Keep Chuckin’ Those Facts!


Even by Glenn Kessler standards, this is amazing stuff:

The second one is particularly extraordinary. “Bernie is saying that wealth is heavily concentrated at the top, but IN FACT a few people are extremely wealthy and half the population has no or negative net wealth. HIGHLY MISLEADING!” Sometimes a technically true statement can be used in a misleading manner but this is nothing like this. It strikes me that not understanding what a “fact” even is hurts your ability to do your job as a “fact checker.” Anyway, I can’t wait for Elizabeth Warren pointing out that Roe v. Wade has been overruled when an Alabama statute requiring abortion clinics to have a larger land area than Yellowstone Park and women to translate Jefferson Davis’s memoirs into at least ten different languages originating on at least four different continents by hand before obtaining an abortion is upheld to be declared the “lie of the millennium.”

The good news is that there will probably be more policy coverage in 2020 without Clinton on the ballot, if only because there’s pretty much nowhere to go but up. The bad news is that “we must CUT ENTITLEMENTS before THE DEFICIT KILLS US ALL” is one opinion elite political reporters tend to think of as unassailable fact.

“it’s true but I don’t like it!”

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