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Donald Trump isn’t sure he ever met Donald Trump, he never met him.


Guess who was not was in favor of saying that Rep. Ilhan Omar and three other members of Congress should go back to the countries they came from? Go on. Guess.

President Trump continued his attacks against four freshman Democratic congresswomen at a campaign rally in Greenville, N.C., on Wednesday, with the crowd breaking into a chant of “send her back” against one, echoing the president’s racist message from the weekend.

Trump on Thursday disavowed the chant.
Asked if the campaign would disavow the “send her back” chant, Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh said in a statement: “The Squad, as they call themselves, are now the leaders of the Democrat Party. Americans don’t like it when elected officials consistently disparage this country. All the Democrats are pushing socialist ideas that are terrible for America. They are all the same.”

I guess that’s a yes. Or a no. Or an Aaaah, I’ve got into the DOPUS’ stash and I can’t get up! But it’s just as well that Murtaugh stuck to firing out Republican catch phrases at random because a few hours later nothing he said mattered.

Later in the afternoon on Thursday, a reporter asked Trump directly why he did not stop the chant. He said, “I started speaking very quickly.” Trump did not chastise the crowd at the rally and paused for several seconds while the chant was audible.

“I was not happy with it. I disagree with it,” he said Thursday in the Oval Office.


During Wednesday night’s rally, Trump ticked off his alleged grievances with each of the four women, painting them as taking anti-American stances. With Ocasio-Cortez, he said her name was too long to learn how to say and simply called her “Cortez.”

“They’re always telling us how to run [the country]… you know, if they don’t love it, tell ’em to leave it,” Trump said.

It’s weird to think that not 48 hours ago people were still insisting that sharting racism on Twitter and in a live speech was a stroke of political genius. However, those people seem to have gone quiet since things took a turn for the frightening last night and I doubt they’ll emerge while Orangefinger is tripping over his extra-long-but-not-at-all-any-sort-penis-substitute-tie to disavow the crowd’s response to comments he made before and during his North Carolinaberg.

And once again, his super briliantosity included a failure to tell the rest of the team about the plan so cunning you could use it for a turnip. As a result, some Republicans thought it was time to shout the quiet threats through a megaphone before they caught on.

Rep. Mark Walker said that using words that alarm his brown friends should be off limits, but warned that people who think their 1st Am. rights allow them to criticize America or Israel are fair game, last night.

Sen. Lindsey Graham went all in with the message that immigrants are welcome if they kiss the orange ass this morning.

“No, I don’t think it’s racist to say. … I don’t think a Somali refugee embracing Trump would not have been asked to go back. If you’re a racist you want everybody from Somalia to go back”

I say uh, do what you’re told, boy and there won’t be no trouble.

But later in the day, when word went out that the old man was having second – or possibly 102nd thoughts, depending how much meth he’d just gobbled – House Minority Leader McCarthy claimed that it is unreasonable to expect Republican presidents to control their admirers.

Reporter: Does he have a responsibility to cut this out?

McCarthy: “[The president] did not join in … You want to try to hold him accountable for something in a big audience?”

What do you want him to do? Lead? Gahd.

Oh well, it isn’t quite 4 p.m. here. Maybe before the day is out he’ll have summoned all of his flunkies to the White House for a very public two minute hate.

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