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Slow-Motion Assasination


It really seems like this merits more attention:

In the months before the military seized power in July 2013, Mr. Morsi brushed off warnings that General el-Sisi might betray him. Photos from the time show a smiling General el-Sisi sitting opposite Mr. Morsi.

But once Mr. Morsi had been ousted, Mr. el-Sisi appeared to single him out for tough treatment that never let up.

Mr. Morsi’s lawyers say he was held for long periods in solitary confinement and allowed just three family visits in six years. They say the authorities denied Mr. Morsi medicines he desperately needed to treat his diabetes, high blood pressure and liver diseases — claims that have driven loud calls by human rights groups and the United Nations human rights office for an impartial investigation into his death.

Egypt’s government, which has promised a post mortem, is unlikely to meet those demands, and has lashed out at criticism of its record. On Tuesday, the State Information Service accused the New York-based Human Rights Watch of spreading lies about Mr. Morsi’s detention conditions and of seeking to exploit his death.

As Mr. el-Sisi tightened his grip on power in recent years, he has grown intolerant of even mild dissent. Thousands of political detainees fill Egypt’s prisons. The intelligence services manipulate Parliament and have direct control over the main television stations.

This was a flat-out coup d’etat that involved murder.

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