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Kyle Kashuv and Steven Crowder


This thread is for LGMers who want to discuss Harvard rescinding Kyle Kashuv’s admission and/or Youtube “demonitizing” Steven Crowder.

Both these actions fall into the “PC censorship is out of control” meme so beloved of the most oppressed minority group in America today.

Here’s Glenn Greenwald on 14 Words With Tucker Carlson discussing Crowder.

Here’s a Vox explainer.

Here’s David Brooks talking about Kashuv (full disclosure: I haven’t actually read this as there is no court order in place requiring me to do so).

Here’s a Vox explainer.

And to complete the circle of life, here’s Young Master Kashuv tweeting about Steven Crowder and Youtube:

I have a feeling we’ll be hearing quite a bit from this guy over the next several decades.

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