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You still don’t understand what you’re dealing with, do you?


Here are a couple of small but telling vignettes about how the proto-fascist sausage gets made:

(1) The University of Colorado regents just voted 5-4 to install a former far-right three-term member of Congress from Minnesota with essentially no academic credentials as president of the university, marking the third straight time that a Republican politician has been put in that position. (To be scrupulously fair, his two predecessors had far more accomplished records in politics and business, respectively, and were also actually from Colorado).

The decisive vote for doing so was cast by Heidi Ganahl, a Republican whose political career got launched when then-governor John Hickenlooper appointed her in 2015 to the School Safety and Youth in Crisis Committee that had just been created by the Colorado legislature. She then used this platform to get elected as regent the following year.

Hickenlooper was under no statutory obligation to appoint any Republicans to the committee, but of course he’s a big believer in “bipartisan cooperation,” and really, what harm could it do, right?

Multiply this kind of decision by 10,000 and you end up where we are at the moment.

(2) Speaking of prominent Colorado Democrats, Michael Bennet, who just announced he’s running for president, is also a big believer in reaching across the aisle to a degree that, under current circumstances, could be considered certifiably delusional. His brother is James Bennet, editor of the New York Times editorial page, who in January decided it would be a swell idea to lend the nation’s most prominent newspaper platform to long-time Republican hatchet man Ken Starr, so that Starr could point out that long-time Republican hatchet man William Barr was like a totally non-partisan and straight arrow professional, who could be trusted to Do the Right Thing when put into the nation’s top law enforcement position by Donald Trump.

I guess it’s kind of unfair to attribute James Bennet’s acts to his brother, blood feud style, but I’m not in the mood to be fair right now.

Republicans NEVER do these kinds of things. Democrats have been fighting asymmetrical warfare, because many haven’t even realized it’s a war.

The Republican party must be destroyed.

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