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If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs


Maybe you don’t actually understand the situation.

(1) Here’s something to keep in mind as the left attempts to navigate between various bad and worse options, in a country that’s rapidly going to all to hell because of the interplay between a failed Constitution and a decadent culture: Most people have a strong tendency to become much more risk-seeking when trying to minimize their losses, as opposed to protecting their gains, when they tend to be more risk-averse.

Exactly how this cuts in terms of deciding whether to, for example, impeach Donald Trump, is needless to say unclear. But it’s worth remembering.

(2) Actuarially speaking, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders would each, if they were to be nominated, have about a one in 65 chance of dying between being nominated and the November 3rd presidential election. The average 78-year-old man has about a 4.8% chance of dying within the next 12 months. The election is almost four months after the convention. (Before you get to that, I realize these are averages. Biden and Sanders are both upper class, which helps their odds. On the other hand if one of them was to get the nomination, he would be under massively more stress than the average man his age. I’m calling it a wash).

What happens then you might reasonably wonder? The answer seems to be the DNC is then supposed to pick a new candidate, but the party’s charter and bylaws don’t lay out exactly how that’s supposed to happen.

Good times!

(3) If Barack Obama hadn’t picked Biden as his VP, the notion that Biden should be the Democratic nominee in 2020 would be beyond bizarre for many reasons that are too obvious to state. But vice presidents don’t do anything. So it’s no less bizarre that Biden holding a meaningless unless you know what happens sinecure made him the front runner for the nomination four years later.

(4) Under no circumstances should any Democratic senator ever vote for any SCOTUS nominee federal appellate court nominee put forward by a Republican president ever again, until the nomination process is reformed. We need some sort of blood oath on this point.

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