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The copy, paste, repeat presidency

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

I wonder if news outlets have a template for tRumpLand cabinet resignations?

“[Admin_FirstName_LastName], the [Admin_Title], resigned on [Week_Day] after meeting with President Trump, ending a tumultuous tenure in charge of the [Admin_Description] that had made [Gender_Pronoun] the target of the president’s criticism.”

“I comma square bracket recruit’s name square bracket comma…”

Or maybe it’s someone’s job to create one for each bottom-feeding pain merchant who is involved in this on-going disaster.

Either way, the predictable chaos — what uncouth folk might call a non-stop clusterfuck grappling with a train wreck as both slide into the deepest pit in Hell that we told you was going to happen — is one of the main reasons the worst of the U.S. press will miss the dried-apricot-in-chief when he’s gone.

With something like tRump in office, there’s always lots of horrible shit going on and horrible shit draws lots of eyeballs. But it is a 100% predictable horrible that came as a surprise to no one. Except the sort of people who spent three years poo-pooing everyone who said his presidency would be a disaster and therefore should be ignored.

So for the hack poli-reporter and their employer, there’s horribleness, which draws readers. But it is predictable horribleness and that’s very easy to write about. The jokes articles write themselves. Best of all, for many Americans it is still a safe, looking-at-the-overturned-cars-across-the-median horribleness so they have the time and money to read about the horribleness.

And there’s the assurance that it won’t stop so long as he is in office. The Demander-in-Chief will continue to be an evil lazy lump and fuck shit up. The rest of the Republicans will do the same. As others have noted, the replacement for [Admin_FirstName_LastName] will be at least as horrible as their predecessor. Life will get worse for the majority of people, including those who are dumber than a frog in a pot.

Bad for America, great for people who own news outlets.

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