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Please Don’t Microaggression My Triggers


Abigail recently wrote about this superb review of a recent book about how nobody should care about anything that doesn’t affect very rich white men by man who proudly knows nothing about anything Bret Easton Ellis. The antithesis of this review is this review by Bari Weiss, which somehow manages to use a higher density of “anti-pc” cliches than even Ellis himself. Here is the ultimate Bari Weiss graf:

Now, at least in theory, snowflakes on both coasts in withdrawal from Rachel Maddow’s nightly Kremlinology lesson can purchase a whole book to inspire paroxysms of rage. “White” — even the title is a trigger — is a veritable thirst trap for the easily microaggressed.

It’s an easy formula — use “triggered,” “microaggression,” and “snowflake” in some random order, talk about how liberals like eating arugula or watching Maddow, throw in a millennial social medial reference, and BOOM you’ve written your latest rote column in 30 minutes and can go see your latest fawning profiler to talk about how you tried to get professors fired in the name of humanist free inquiry.


Indeed, many of the topics Ellis blithely skates over in this ranting, stream-of-consciousness book would be rich fodder for a real analysis of the Great Awokening and its excesses. On the face of it, it would seem Ellis would be the ideal person to write it.

He was canceled decades before canceling became a thing. It was November 1990 and Simon & Schuster was set to release “American Psycho,” Ellis’s anticipated third novel, until it caved in the face of criticism, much of it internal. “The noise from the offended was too loud,” Ellis writes of the episode — a concise phrase diagnosing our current cultural malady.

Nobody can truly appreciate the horrors of being CANCELLED like the mediocre novelist who had his SUPPRESSED novel turned into a Hollywood movie and a Broadway musical and is still getting substantial advances to churn out what even its ideal audience has to grudgingly admit is lazy crap. Well, maybe the well-compensated pundit who has mean stuff said about her on Twitter.

This is a great inadvertent self-critique, though:

This move — starting a fire and then feigning surprise when people accuse you of being an arsonist — is like a boxer slipping to avoid the counterpunch. 


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