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Congratulations Chicago

Robert Johnson – Sweet Home Chicago

I am a bit late in congratulating Chicagoans on their next mayor: Lori Lightfoot.

Lightfoot will be the third African-American, second woman, and first openly lesbian African-American to serve as the city’s mayor. She could be exactly what a large, diverse city that has long been plagued by a violent police force needs. And she’s no friend to ICE, either:

Defending immigrants
Chicago must be a city where every person from every background has security and opportunity. We’ve got to stand up to the Trump administration’s racist, anti-immigrant terror and make sure that every Chicagoan is safe, regardless of citizenship status. As mayor, Lori will:
Strengthen the Welcoming City Ordinance by eliminating carve-outs that jeopardize the safety of immigrants in the city
Support abolishing ICE and make clear to ICE and the US Attorney’s Office that ICE cannot recklessly terrorize our residents
Decomission CPD’s “gang database,” impose strict guidelines for operating and maintaining any replacement database, and ensure that CPD no longer cooperates with or shares any data with ICELightfoot for Chicago, Issues page

Expect Republican shrieking about the need to clean up the violent scary dirty nasty streets of Chicago to increase by 130%.

But some Republicans will be busy obsessing over her personal life with one hand down their pants.

Does anyone remember Ken Wants to Wear Your Skin Cuccinelli’s run for governor of Virginia? Republicans of the commonwealth decided that they needed a creepy-fanatic Protestant nominee for lieutenant governor to go with their creepy-fanatic Catholic nominee for governor and they picked E.W. Don’t Attack Me with My Homophobic Statements Jackson.

And we’re supposed to be surprised at the current state of the GOP. Hahahaha. Ha.

But anyway, another reason Chicagoans should be proud is that in electing Lightfoot, they really upset Jackson.

Jackson was particularly outraged by a line from Lightfoot’s victory speech in which she said that her election proves that “it doesn’t matter who you love.”

“I almost get nauseous every time I hear that because we know that’s a euphemism for, ‘It doesn’t matter who you have sex with,’” he said. Right Wing Watch – E.W. Jackson Fumes Over Chicago’s Election of a Lesbian as Mayor

There’s more, but if you’ve seen one display of queerphobic sheet-sniffing grossness that says w a y more than anyone wants to know about the speaker once you don’t want to see it again. And if you haven’t, good for you. If you haven’t and you insist, click on the link, that’s why it’s there.

So congrats Chicago, you made history and displeased a truly shitty person. If you’re really lucky he’ll stay away.

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