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The Man Who Murdered Shame


This Fucking Guy:

On Congress’ first day back in Washington, D.C., since Attorney General Bill Barr released his summary of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell swiftly used the four-page letter to criticize former President Obama.

McConnell argued that the report shows that Obama was unprepared to address Russian election meddling efforts, but the majority leader conveniently ignored his reported attempts to water down the Obama White House’s attempts to call out the Russia interference efforts ahead of the 2016 election.


Yet, the Obama administration did seek bipartisan congressional support for a statement warning states to protect their election infrastructure against Russian hacking attempts. And McConnell reportedly said that any attempt by the administration to publicly address the Russians would be considered a partisan move. Congressional leaders ultimately signed off on a letter, but former Obama chief of staff Denis McDonough said the letter was “dramatically watered down” thanks to pushback from McConnell.

I’m co-writing a paper about the topic but it’s just amazing how people can watch Mitch McConnell but think that saying the Republicans were hypocrites on healthcare policy would be some devastating attack that would shame them into compromise.

And of course:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Monday blocked an effort by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to unanimously pass a non-binding measure expressing that Congress wants Robert Mueller’s report outlining the results of his Russia investigation be made public.

Trump has been completely, 100% exonerated by the Mueller Report and it is vitally important that the public never see it ever. Take their word for it.

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