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Rich man want to be king


Here is a take:

Unless the question all Democrats are asking is “name me a replacement level white guy who will not be the Democratic nominee” or “what if I like the idea of Seth Moulton being our nominee but find him too dynamic” or “what if Tulsi Gabbard was a white guy with less Islamophobia and affinity for authoritarian rulers?” Bennet has never been the question to any question ever asked by the Democratic primary electorate. And, frankly, given Colorado’s increasingly blue tilt “replacement level” is pretty generous. Come to think of it, who is pimping Bennet’s potential candidacy?

By Joe Scarborough

Oh. I guess “the Dems can only beat Trump by running me, Joe Scarborough” would have been a little too obvious. And, hey, at least the Times would probably do fewer A1 stories about his troubling chicken-eating habits!

Bennett isn’t the only person with whatever the opposite of impostor syndrome is:

Bill de Blasio will travel to early-voting New Hampshire on Friday, an aide to the Democratic New York mayor tells CNN, as he considers running for president in 2020.

De Blasio, after speaking at Harvard College’s Kennedy School on Thursday, will travel to Nashua, New Hampshire, to meet with Mayor Jim Donchess. He will later travel to Concord, New Hampshire, where he will meet with Rights & Democracy New Hampshire, a grass-roots organizing group that looks to fight money in politics.

This will be a unifying moment for the country, as even the hardest core Manhattan provincial will have no interest in this candidacy.

No-hope presidential campaigns aren’t my idea of a fun ego trip, but whatever gets you through the etc. As a friend of Paul’s observed recently, presidential runs have apparently become GoFundMe campaigns for assholes. (And wait until the 2024 Republican race!)

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