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Or the Country Gets It


Howard Schultz — the Dems should nominate a bad candidate or he’ll try to throw the election to Trump:

Schultz, who made the comments while visiting The Washington Post, has premised his exploration of a presidential campaign on the assumption that Democrats are likely to nominate a candidate that embraces what he calls “far-left” ideas that will turn off enough moderate voters to open space for an independent candidate.

He has paid for internal polling that he says suggest he would be competitive [LOL–ed.] in a three-way race against President Trump and a liberal Democratic candidate such as Sen. Kamala D. Harris (D-Calif.), Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) or Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

A more moderate Democratic nominee, such as former vice president Joe Biden or former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, could complicate Schultz’s perceived path to victory.

“I would reassess the situation if the numbers change as a result of a centrist Democrat winning the nomination,” Schultz said.

Those comments could influence the internal Democratic debate over the best nominee to take on Trump, giving moderates an opportunity to argue that their nomination would minimize the threat of a Schultz bid.

The comments also shed more light on Schultz’s stated goal of avoiding any actions that help Trump win a second term in office, a grave concern for Democratic strategists who have attacked Schultz as a potential spoiler.

“Trump must not serve a second term,” Schultz said in a Feb. 7 speech at Purdue University. “As I explore whether to run for office, I will do so with the conviction that my final decision must not make his reelection a possibility. I can assure you no one wants Donald Trump fired more than I.”

Nobody wants Donald Trump fired more than Howard Schultz — except for people who would vote for Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, or Bernie Sanders in a general election against Trump, and people who aren’t threatening to launch expensive vanity campaigns designed to harm the Democratic candidate if he can’t get the one he wants.

The good news is that his threats reflect his remarkably deluded views about what both the Democratic electorate and the general electorate want.

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