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Great Moments In Murc’s Law


If you’re in the mood for an old fashioned #SlatePitch, this assertion that House Dems are idiots for not adopting Donald Trump’s negotiation tactics will do the job. Conveniently, it refutes itself to save be the trouble:

If the House had added a single sentence to the government spending bill—saying, in effect, that “no additional funds authorized or appropriated under any other law may be redirected to the building of a border wall”—then the legal landscape would now look quite different. It is entirely within Congress’ power to take away any funds that the president might access under the Military Construction Codification Act, or any other statute, for his border barrier. To be sure, the Senate might not have passed such a bill, and even if it did, Trump might have vetoed it. But at least the House Democrats had leverage—their votes were needed to avert a government shutdown. Now, they have effectively relinquished that leverage until the current spending legislation expires at the end of September.

To be sure!

This article, alas, ignores Belle Waring’s dictum that wishes are totally free. If you’re going to waste people’s time with an article based on the premise that Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump would agree to legislation they obviously wouldn’t agree to, why not be a little bit more ambitious? Pelosi should have also added a second sentence removing “65 or over” from the statute establishing Medicare eligibility, and a third sentence repealing the Taft-Hartley Act. And yet they didn’t. even. try. WHY ARE THE DEMS REFUSING TO USE THEIR LEVERAGE?

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