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Don’t Watch The SOTU!


You all are a bunch of political addicts, and I get that. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be commenting here. But if there’s one thing you should not do, ever, it is watch the State of the Union address. That’s true in pretty much any case, but especially with whatever racist word salad is going to be spewed out tonight. Literally do anything else. If anything interesting happens, you can read about it much faster and with less hatred and heartache. I am sure there will probably be a post here about it by someone, maybe even an open thread. But my heartfelt advice to you is to step away from all of it. Me, I’m going to watch this disc of old Looney Tunes cartoons I started last night. Besides, Daffy Duck is a more dignified figure than Trump anyway.

Though I confess that even I am somewhat intrigued by watching Stacey Abrams’ response.

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