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Miller time


A friend tells me that Twitter is tweeting that CNN’s April Ryan is reporting that Stephen Miller is writing Trump’s speech tonight. (Keep coming to LGM for the sources you can’t get anywhere else).

Hopefully there will be time to translate it from the original German.

In all semi-seriousness, the big question is whether Trump is going to declare some sort of “national emergency,” as part of a plan to order the DOD to use a few billion unappropriated dollars it apparently has between the couch cushions, to build the Great Wall of MAGA.

This of course would be an extremely questionable act from a strictly legal perspective, but strict legality isn’t the kind of thing that would deter our reality TV caudillo.

What I still don’t understand is why Pravda decided a few weeks ago to put Trump in a political bind, by not dutifully parroting his nonsense about how the wall was already being built and the Mexicans were really paying for it because of his tremendous negotiation skills.

Anyway I guess this is must-see TV, which I guess is what this administration has always been about, along with the fascism.


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