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Republicans: It Is Illegitimate For Democrats to Govern


This justification for a bill stripping power from the Wisconsin governor and Attorney General is amazing:

One of the Legislature’s top Republicans said he helped write a sweeping plan that weakens the incoming Democratic governor because Republicans “don’t trust Tony Evers right now.”

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald of Juneau said Monday Republican lawmakers must pass the plan to preserve policies enacted under Gov. Scott Walker and the Republican-controlled Legislature over the past eight years.

“The manufactured outrage by the Democrats right now is hilarious,” Fitzgerald told WISN’s conservative radio host Jay Weber on Monday. “I mean, most of these items are things (that) we never really had to kind of address because guess what — we trusted Scott Walker and the administration to be able to manage the back and forth with the Legislature. We don’t trust Tony Evers right now in a lot of these areas.”

Republicans released a 141-page plan late Friday that would move the 2020 presidential primary election to March in order to benefit a conservative Supreme Court justice’s election bid, limit early voting to roughly two weeks before an election, and weaken the authority of Gov.-elect Tony Evers and incoming Democratic Attorney General Josh Kaul.

Fitzgerald’s comments came hours before Democrats planned to pack a Capitol hearing room before the Legislature’s finance committee, which will vote later Monday to send the plan to the full Legislature.

“What’s with all the phony outrage? We haven’t had to deal with a Democrat winning an election recently!”

This abuse of power is one of the many ways in which extreme gerrymandering like Wisconsin’s is destructive of democracy. Not only does it stop majorities from being fairly represented, it reduces the disincentives to pull stuff like this — since it’s essentially impossible for Republicans to lose the assembly under the current rules no matter how badly they get outvoted there’s no reason not to prevent the people who actually get popular majorities from governing. The Supreme Court could end this unconstitutional state of affairs, but they are fine with Republicans running undemocratic elections, and besides, durr, math is hard, durr. 

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