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Theresa May’s inability to construct the world’s most powerful navy entirely out of submarines made with Cornish Yarg has triggered a no-confidence vote:

Conservative MPs have triggered a vote of no confidence in Theresa May, plunging the Brexit process into chaos as Tory colleagues indicated they no longer had faith in the prime minister to deliver the deal.

Sir Graham Brady, the chair of the 1922 Committee, has received at least 48 letters from Conservative MPs calling for a vote of no confidence in May. Under party rules, a contest is triggered if 15% of Conservative MPs write to the chair of the committee of Tory backbenchers.

A ballot will be held on Wednesday evening between 6pm and 8pm, Brady said, with votes counted “immediately afterwards and an announcement will be made as soon as possible”.

In a press release, he said: “The threshold of 15% of the parliamentary party seeking a vote of confidence in the leader of the Conservative party has been exceeded.”

The prime minister will now need the backing of at least 158 Tory MPs to see off the Brexiters’ challenge, and her position would then be safe for 12 months. However, the prime minister could decide to resign if votes against her were below the threshold to topple her, but significant enough in number.

Part of me hopes they succeed just to see which one of the Brexit Army of Dipshits will get the next round of blame for failing to deliver an infinite supply of ponies at no cost. I nominate Upper-Class Twit of the Century Jacob Rees-Mogg (Eton, President of the Oxford University Conservative Association, hedge fund manager, considered a “populist” by the Economist) although presumably he, Boris et al. will slink away again and let some other poor bastard take the hit for their dirty work.

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