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Whiling Away the Hours


I am doing my very best to work hard through the day and maybe even not watch the results tonight. This is a necessary situation in part because of this insane semester and how far behind I am even on basic things that are required in my job. So it would be good for me. But we’ll see what happens. That I can’t drink tonight because tomorrow I have 6 classroom hours waiting, not to mention commuting, prep, etc., makes this an even better idea.

But some of you, I know you are a ball of mush today. So how about playing some Panko, or, Votes for Women: The Great Card Game of Suffragists v. Anti-Suffragists?

It’s named for the leader of the British suffrage movement, Emmeline Pankhurst (1858-1928), and pits opponents and supporters of suffrage against each other in a game similar to rummy. The advertisement for the game claimed, “Not only is each picture in itself an interesting memento, but the game produces intense excitement without the slightest taint of bitterness.”

This translation of the women’s suffrage movement into card games, and also board games, helped bring the message of the cause into domestic circles where more overt forms of propaganda might not have been welcomed. These cards were designed by the well-known Punch cartoonist E. T. Reed, and published by Peter Gurney in 1909.

Fun for the whole family!

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