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International Men’s Day: More heels!


Last year on this blog for International Men’s Day I wrote about men wearing “women’s clothes” while still identifying as male. That trend is of course nothing new, in all patriarchies, there are men who break the rules. What is new for us in 2018 is that it’s less hidden, and celebrated and circulated through social media.

In that spirit of celebration, I posted two choreography videos from two different gay male dancers: Yanis Marshall and Jonté. Both wear heels in their videos but from the ankles up, are dressed in more masculine clothing. They both move their bodies in ways that flow from masculine to feminine. And both have worked with mainstream pop stars, Jonté most notably with Beyoncé. I highly recommend you go back to that original post and watch Yanis’ “My Neck, My Back” dance and Jonté’s dual performance in Japan.

I had so much fun watching researching this last year, I’m posting a few more videos about the relationship between men and these tortuous shoes. Somebody has got to wear them, and its better if its not me!

The Well-Heeled Aristocracy

Kazaky Dances Through Security

Ukrainian “boy band” Kazaky is known for their heels choreography and features it in all their videos and performances even alongside other more masculine wear. There are many of these videos on the Internet, but I’ve chosen this one because it’s a TSA sex fantasy. I’m sure there’s a meaningful lesson about the Patriot Act in there somewhere. Maybe you’ll have to watch a few times to find it.

Sadly, they broke up in 2016. But what a legacy they left us.

No Pain, No Gain

Comedian and personal fitness trainer Raneir Pollard* made the Guinness Book of World Records for the most burpees completed while wearing stilettoes. What I love about this video is Raneir’s sartorial choices. While there is nothing wrong with exercising in a full feminine outfit, maybe with some glitter and sequins, Raneir goes completely sensible. He goes for simple workout shorts and thick black socks. He could wear a t-shirt, but I think Los Angeles has a law against that for male fitness instructors.

Of course, our conversation about men and heels is not limited to gay men. A man can wear heels and still be completely heterosexual. Perhaps we only have more evidence on gay men in this trend simply because these are the men most comfortable with flaunting gender fluidity.

*FULL DISCLOSURE: I went to high school with Raneir. He has not asked me to promote him in any way.

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