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Today in Complete Losers


I am no fan of Taylor Swift’s music. And I really don’t care about her politics. I guess I am glad she came out in support of Tennessee Democrats and am certainly happy she supports gay equality and #MeToo, but I don’t look to musicians for political guidance. But I always felt it was utterly idiotic that the racists and fascists believed she was one of there’s. And I find it absolutely hilarious that they are freaking out.

Probably not many people believed Swift was a Nazi — but between the 4chan rumors and the Daily Stormer memes, a vague but widespread belief spread across right-wing circles that the star was on their side.

“Swift is very white and very blonde,” Milo Yiannopoulos wrote on Breitbart in 2016. “She was born on, and grew up in, a Christmas tree farm in rural Pennsylvania. You heard me right: a Christmas tree farm. Little wonder the tradition-oriented alt-right are swooning.”

Oh, OK. Compelling logic.


“I would say 90% of T_D thought she was ‘our girl,’ ” added dieselnut, who a few hours earlier had been celebrating photos of police “groping” women protesting Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh. “No hard feelings fellas, but let’s not claim them as our own until they prove they love America.”

“GG, you just lost over half of your fanbase, including me,” SwimmingJunky wrote in one of The_Donald’s most popular posts Monday morning, up-voted by thousands of people.

And where there was not despondency, there was anger.

“Nobody pisses off 4chan,” wrote MartianSpaceCat. “She will regret this move for that reason alone.”

Maybe. Even on a good day, 4chan’s overtly misogynistic /pol/ board is awash in rants from men angry at “feminists” and “social justice warriors” they believe have taken over society.

As you’d expect, the mood was more foul than usual after the forum’s imaginary protege declared her real feelings. The Washington Post’s language policies prevent linking to most of what 4chan had to say.

Suffice to say, a meme of Pepe the Frog openly weeping with a gun to his head appeared in one of the most popular threads, more or less summing up the mood.

Yes, I believe “losers” is the proper name to describe these idiots.

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