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Live from New York: Me!

Women’s Strike for Peace-And Equality, Women’s Strike for Equality, Fifth Avenue, New York, New York, August 26, 1970. (Photo by Eugene Gordon/The New York Historical Society/Getty Images)

My new book has now been out for 1 week and is selling some copies, so that’s pretty cool. It reached almost #2000 at Amazon at one point, which is really high for a book like this. Since there is no money for a book tour, which is related to the fact that nobody buys books anymore, any travel has to be sponsored by someone. LGM grave post fans got me to Baltimore the other weekend (trust me, many graves were visited, as you will soon discover). On Thursday, SUNY-Empire State College is having me in for a talk and all of you New Yorkers should think about attending! The talk is at 6:15 at The Harry Van Arsdale Jr. Center for Labor Studies, which is at 325 Hudson Street on the 3rd floor of the building. I recognize the weather on Thursday is going to be a bit less than ideal, but what can you do.

If any of the rest of you want me to come give a talk wherever you may be, talk to me and we will see what can be worked out.

I’ve also been doing a number of interviews of various types. You can listen to some of them at least. One thing I’ve learned is that you never know what an interview will be like because it all depends on the style of the host. So you have to wing it. This one turned bizarrely hostile as the host started going after me about immigration. To say the least, I was not having it and pushed back on him very hard. I understand from a friend who listened to it that he said at the end I hung up on him, but that’s not what happened. I had another interview scheduled immediately after his, which he was told. Then there was this one, on Philadelphia’s sports radio station that does talk in the mornings. This was the type of interview where the host just sits back and asks you to explain each chapter of the book. If you want the most complete overview, I guess this is the one to hear. As it was sports radio, it’s the only time I’ve ever done a show where one of the ads was for a strip club. I thought about saying something about Chip Kelly, but figured that would go poorly. Other interviewers know more about the subject, sometimes they are very excited, sometimes they talk a lot. It’s all quite interesting.

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