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Great Moments in Both Sides Do It


It’s like, how much more Axios could this be?

With just 17 days left until the election, President Trump is going all in on immigration as a way to help Republicans keep the House. “Democrats want to throw your borders wide open to deadly drugs and endless gangs,” he said at an Arizona rally last night.

Why it matters: Republicans have a 16% chance of keeping the House, according to FiveThirtyEight. That certainly worries Trump — who’s already said it won’t be his fault if that happens — so he’s making the 2018 midterms all about the base.

Be smart: Immigration in 2018 isn’t about policy; it’s about both sides making a cultural argument to turn out their base voters. Democrats call to abolish ICE while Republicans claim Democrats want open borders and support MS-13 gangs.

Politics is just a game, race baiting and opposition to race baiting are both cynical electioneering tactics, and let’s imagine a bunch of Dems in marginal districts are running on an “Abolish ICE” platform. Whee!

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