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Bothsiderism, the never-ending story


Andrew Sullivan, decrying per usual the excesses of both the Right and the Left:

Look at the Kavanaugh–Ford nightmare. Both individuals are besieged by haters and trolls, requiring police protection. She or he has to be believed in the entirety of their claims, with no qualification. So because Ford is a registered Democrat, she must be lying. Because Kavanaugh is an affluent white male, he must be guilty, and even if he isn’t, his privilege will compensate, so who cares? Kavanaugh’s striking record of hiring and mentoring women as clerks becomes evidence of his creepiness, not his decency. Ford’s completely understandable reluctance to go public is deemed proof of her duplicity. The idea that we should suspend judgment until an investigation concludes and we know all the facts we can know is not exactly a popular one.

This “not exactly popular” proposal is the unanimous position of every Democrat in the United States Congress, practically every progressive commenter (although I’m sure you can find an exception on some blog somewhere) etc.

This is reminiscent of Glenn Greenwald’s continuing insistence that America’s elites oppose Donald Trump, which is true if you disregard 99% of the elites in one of the two major parties.

Both sides . . . harder to kill than Rasputin.

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