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OSU’S Joe Paterno Argues Against Concept of Reporting


And yet another witness saying that Jordan Paternoed:

Another former OSU wrestler has told CNN that Jim Jordan knew about the actions of Dr. Richard Strauss, the former Ohio State University medical doctor who treated athletes, and called Jordan, who is now a US Congressman, a “phony” for saying he was not aware of any sexual abuse allegations.

“Jordan is denying this because obviously it would be political suicide for him,” the former wrestler said.

“He’s still denying it. Jim Jordan knew. He didn’t do anything about it.”
The former wrestler spoke to CNN on the condition of anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the story and out of concern for the well-being of his family.

Odd, because this sure seems like an innocent man with nothing to hide:


The ethical and moral standards inside the White House have dropped so low that even on the way out the door, conservatives are painting the comically corrupt former Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt as a martyred hero victimized by the hysterical liberal media.

“I am just so disappointed in the president’s failure to support Scott against the angry attacks from the loony left,” Republican donor Doug Deason told Politico. “Nothing he did amounted to anything big. He was THE most effective Cabinet member by far.“

Presidential administrations are large, and it’s impossible to build one that’s entirely scandal-free. But you can vet people properly, you can drum-out malefactors who slip through the cracks, and you can build an institutional culture in which team members are rewarded for exposing impropriety rather than rewarded for covering it up.

But inside the Donald Trump White House, grifters, abusers, racists, and harassers still get hired; they lurk around the Oval Office after they’ve been found out; and even in the rare instance where they’re forced out, it’s only grudgingly.

Bill Shine, for example, came on board last week to run White House communications. He got fired from his last job as president of Fox News for his role in orchestrating a massive, multi-year cover-up of widespread sexual harassment and sexual assault of employees. The White House didn’t note this in the press release.

His wife, Darla, meanwhile, has a habit of tweeting inaccurate anti-vaccination memes and a ton of racist stuff, but leading conservative commentators take the view that, since they are nice to their friends, quoting her accurately amounts to a liberal smear campaign.

So arguing that eight and counting former student athletes are lying as part of a DEEP STATE conspiracy is pretty much par for the course.

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