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Give me more, drag me across the floor; shadow banning, all this and nothing more

TFW even Garrison isn’t sure what the brethren are shouting about

When right wing outrage about shadow banning on Twitter reached the dried apricots on the side of his head, the reaction of the very modern model of a major white supremacist’s was predictable.

Twitter “SHADOW BANNING” prominent Republicans. Not good. We will look into this discriminatory and illegal practice at once! Many complaints.

Those who are aware of all internet traditions know that the right wing love/hate/more hate/say there’s porn in here/hate relationship with the internet is almost as old as the search engine. The right wing believes that the Capital T They — which the truly honest rightie would spell with a capital J — are pushing a globalist liberal homosexual agenda and suppressing conservative voices is a part of that plan.

That conviction — and a desire to relieve the credulous of their cash — is how we get things like Conservopedia and Liberty Island. And the entire right wing, including the religious branch, really. Help, help, you’re being repressed.

The form the repression takes may vary, but they all boil down to a white person not getting whatever he believes is his by right of white. Their whining and snarling about Affirmative Action stems from the belief that brown people are given “their” spots at the college they wanted to attend or the business where they wanted to work. Their conniption fits about the way Google displays search results was born of their belief that they and everything they agree with should always come first. The tantrum about shadow banning on Twitterwhich many of the self-identifying victims are struggling to define — comes from the belief that they are owed the biggest audience.

At any rate, the only thing that’s different this time is that the Republicans have put into the White House an incredibly insecure meth and whiteness addict who jumped right in and declared that the latest imaginary threat to conservatism is true, discriminatory and illegal. That in turn is a way to deniably deputize violent MAGAts to attack anyone who is or might be a Twitter employee or just looks like they might approve of the Great Shadow Ban of ’18. They’re just protecting themselves from discrimination — which you libs say is so bad — and upholding the imaginary law.

Where this ultimately ends is up to the C-suite of companies like Twitter and Facebook. Facebook is also facing the disapproval of people like human-shaped slime mold Sen. Ted Cruz  (R-Desperate) and professional anti-Clinton shrieker Doug Henwood,  by suspending Alex Jones’ profile page for a month. If it were me, I’d take pride in angering people like 45 and his lackeys. But I’m not a white man who is far more concerned about cash than people who aren’t white men. So maybe they’ll give in and spend more time and money trying to make a platform that is deemed fair by people who insist that the scales be heavily weighted in their favor.

What I know won’t happen is that they’ll finally build and retreat to that internet safe space they’ve been harping about for years and leave the rest of us alone.

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