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Democrats Bad on Immigration Should Be Booed


This story is mostly making its way around right-wing media, outraged that Democrats care about brown people. But Ann Kirkpatrick, who has been in Congress on a couple of different occasions, is running to replace the odious Republican Martha McSally, who herself is running to replace Jeff Flake. There are a number of Democrats aiming for this seat, as it is very winnable, so there was a debate. One question asked who on the stage supported ICE. Of the 5 Democrats, only Kirkpatrick raised her hand. Moreover, she was then booed. Good. She should be booed. There can be no place in the Democratic Party for the support of this fascist agency of ethnic cleansing. If Kirkpatrick wins the primary, then she does what she has to do win the general. I get that. But in a Democratic primary, you have to impress Democrats. And why would any Democrat vote for a right-wing Democrat who is bad on immigration. Moreover, this district is southeastern Arizona, including Tucson. It’s only 14% Latino, but certainly that number is much higher within the Democratic electorate.

Let’s hope someone else wins that primary and we can have a Democrat representing Arizona that will stand up for the undocumented and their families.

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