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A touch of economic anxiety


A friend who is in the finance world evaluates this morning’s comments from America’s political leader:

These Trump comments after bailing on the G-7 early are fucking mind blowing. Yes, I know he is a dim witted asshole who somehow became POTUS, but he is accelerating into fucking crazy town. The comments on trade are nonsensical, we want open markets (Which is what NAFTA is!!) but we are getting ripped off. Then he says Obama let Crimea get taken by Russia instead of blaming Putin for invading. And after blaming Obama he says Russia should be allowed back into the G-7! How will this madness be stopped? It is a 4 alarm fire and no one is doing anything to stop it.   And he ends by attacking the U.S. press. We are so fucked.

I didn’t hear any of what Trump said, but my friend isn’t prone to hyperbole so . . .

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