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The death of democracy


Pictured: The traitor Kim Philby

In December of 2000, five Republican justices of the Supreme Court out and out stole the 2000 presidential election.  Al Gore would have become president of the United States if the laws of the state of Florida had been enforced by that state’s supreme court, as they indeed would have been if not for this completely lawless act of judicial hijacking.

One significant consequence of that hijacking was that Bush got to put two young hard right ideologues on the Court for a combined total of (glances at actuarial tables) somewhere in the neighborhood of seventy years.

In the spring of 2016, Mitch McConnell out and out stole another Supreme Court seat, by violating every precedent and custom in order to block the nomination of Merrick Garland.  McConnell completed this theft  in 2017 by eliminating the filibuster for Supreme Court nominations, in order to put yet another youthful right wing zealot in the stolen seat.

But that act of legal and political grand larceny couldn’t have been completed if the 2016 presidential election hadn’t been stolen from Hillary Clinton by a combination of the absurdly anti-democratic nature of the electoral college (Clinton got nearly three million more votes than Trump), the willingness of various members of the Trump campaign, including quite possibly Trump himself, to collude with America’s enemy Vladimir Putin to throw the election to Putin’s preferred candidate, the reckless narcissism of third party candidate Jill Stein, and last but far from least, the mind-boggling incompetence shading into malevolence of the legacy media, which decided to treat Hillary Clinton’s email protocol practices as a vastly more significant story than the treasonous behavior of the Trump campaign.

So here we are.

We are ruled by monsters, who achieved their monstrous rule by betraying our most fundamental laws, in order to steal our most important institutions.  Anyone who cooperates in any way with this regime is a party to that betrayal.


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