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Did Elliott Broidy pay $1.6 million to cover up Donald Trump’s affair with Shera Bechard?


I argue that there’s a strong circumstantial case that he did, and that the WSJ, the NYT, and CNN may well have got played by NYC’s sixth family when they published Broidy’s confession to having had an affair with Bechard without checking his story out first:

What is most striking about this affair is that the story leaked to the media has no evidence to support it, other than the assertions of people who have every reason to lie about it. Consider what the narrative would look like if, when the story broke, the public had learned that Cohen’s office had a copy of another NDA, that provided for the payment of $1.6 million to a Playboy playmate to buy her silence about an affair, and that Broidy had agreed to pay that sum into the very same LLC that Cohen had created to funnel the money paid to hush up Trump’s liaison with Stormy Daniels. Would anyone believe Broidy’s after-the-fact protestations that, despite all appearances, he wasn’t paying off yet another of Trump’s mistresses, as a favor to his beleaguered patron? At a minimum, one would hope the veracity of Broidy’s confession would actually have been investigated.

Per the WSJ article that broke the story, Broidy supposedly had a one to two year affair with Bechard, during which he was paying her for an exclusive relationship.  Whether that’s true or not should be easy to confirm, and you can bet that, unlike the media who were given this leak and then dutifully transcribed as news, the SDNY and  Robert Mueller’s people aren’t taking Broidy’s all-too-convenient confession at face value.

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