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Cletus safari, Boulder County edition


I saw a pick up truck driving on the outskirts of Boulder today, decorated with the following bumper stickers.  In the middle of the back bumper:

This is a rare sighting in these environs, but I was more intrigued by the bumper stickers to each side.  (Unfortunately I can’t find images of either on the internet, and I didn’t try to take a photo, since that could have been literally triggering for this particular suburban cowboy.)

One declared:

Whatever liberal  (There may have been a comma).

I’m assuming the other was a bespoke production of some sort, because it hyphenated a word in order to fit the rest of the word onto a second line of text below the first.  I reproduce it here exactly as it appeared:

Liberalism is true-

ly a mental disorder.

This is a particularly rich text.  Consider that someone had to think about how to fit the word “truly” into the text of a bumper sticker that usually appears, per google images, as

Liberalism is a Mental Disorder

So the author of this variant on the classic ur-text was focused specifically on interpolating an extremely common, two-syllable word, which was then misspelled in the process.  Was this intentional? Is the author gaslighting the English language itself, just to make liberals even madder?  I had an urge to do a little on the spot anthropological fieldwork, but then again, triggering.

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