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The Border WTF Act

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Since Mexico won’t pay for tRump’s wall, Rep. Diane Black (R-Tenn.) has hatched a cunning plan to shake down the snake oil addicts who put him in office. Thus was the Border Wall Trust Fund Act born. The idea is the Secretary of the Treasury will create a giant tip jar — a yuge one, the best really beautiful, believe me — where Real America Loving America People who Really Love America can leave donations for the wall.

Black explained to Faulkner that “it allows those who really want to see a secure border” give to a trust to raise money for the wall.

Faulkner asked, “What happened to Mexico paying for it?”

“I would like for Mexico to pay for that,” Black said, “and I’m not close enough to the administration to see what kind of pressure they’re putting on them.”

Since she announced the proposal a few days ago, Black said she’s heard from a lot of people who support the idea, saying that Americans have told her they would “be willing to help fund the wall.”

Like all right wing ideas, this one is an old turd topped with new sprinkles. Rep. Shelly Capito (R-W. Va.) introduced the Border Fence Trust Fund Act in 2009.

In general.—Every individual (other than a nonresident alien) whose adjusted income tax liability for the taxable year is $5 or more may designate that $5 shall be paid over to the Border Improvement Trust Fund in accordance with the provisions of section 9511. In the case of a joint return of husband and wife having an income tax liability of $10 or more, each spouse may designate that $10 shall be paid to the fund.

Black’s version allows direct, and more frequent giving. If you want to watch the progress of the bill, you will be able to do so here.

One thing the Border WTF Act has that Capito’s bill did not, is a commemorative display section. I’m sure the chance to have a memorial on a monument to American supremacy will appeal to the sort of people who can’t afford to buy a Confederate statue.

Donors can don their MAGA hats and make the trek to the section of the wall that has the commemorative whatever on it. Perhaps a plaque engraved with some stirring passage, such as “Thanks, suckers!” and then they can chortle over how thoroughly they’ve owned the libs.

But that’s assuming that the bill passes. And that anyone will have any money left for the Border WTF Act donations when it does.  Because it’s only a matter of time before Griftosaurus Rex starts selling commemorative BORDER WALL bricks that have been spray-painted with the same gunge he smears over his face.

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