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Gillibrand ’20


I’ve made no secret that Kirsten Gillibrand is my preferred 2020 Democratic nominee, at least based on current knowledge and who I think might realistically have a shot at the nomination. I think she’s the whole package of tough, smart, vicious when necessary, politically savvy, learns from mistakes, has moved to the left, got ahead of everyone else on opposing Trump, etc. And it doesn’t hurt that she’s a woman in an era of deep misogyny. One of her key issues has been sexual assault. And she’s goading the ogre in the White House, leading to his grotesque attack on her this morning.

Trump wishes she would have blown him. This is modus operandi for our scumbag president. This is also doing Gillibrand’s work for her in terms of setting her apart from other Democrats. She can take this to the primary bank. No one will face more attacks from Trump than Gillibrand. And if she is president in 2021, we may look back on this morning as a key turning point.

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