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2017 Has Been Horrible. So Here’s a Few Things That Aren’t Horrible


In the spirit of highlighting things that don’t make you want to cry, here’s a few good things.

The Night of the Radishes is upon those of us lucky enough to be in Oaxaca. My wife is a scholar of southern Mexico and and she has never taken me to this. I am devastated. Those are some big radishes after all!

Highlights of the year in anthropology is always a good one! Everyone loves anthropology. Except for Governor Skeletor.

Here’s another–the band Daddy Issues has the greatest beer koozie of all time. I may need to buy that.

Yay to Australia for resisting ketchup imperialism!

Finally, who is coming with me to see the preserved corpse of Jeremy Bentham at the Met? No, seriously! Or part of it anyway. It’s part of this exhibit in 2018. Here’s a piece about Bentham’s corpse:

At this moment an older porter standing in a corner, who had rather been enjoying the conversation so far, stepped forward and pointed us toward the South Cloisters. Where indeed we found Bentham, seated in a wooden cabinet in the hallway, posters that students had made by hand and laser printer taped on the nearby walls.

In his will Bentham (1748-1832) insisted that his corpse be preserved and displayed. He wanted to make a point about practicality and the value of surgical dissection, though the method seems quite impractical.

Bentham’s surgeon donated the corpse to the university. By now it’s just a skeleton in a straw-stuffed suit with a wax head. The photograph above shows Bentham’s mummified head on a platter between his body’s feet, but for decades the head was stowed away in a vault.

And here it is!

There is no way in hell I am missing that.

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