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Today in American Ethnic Cleansing

FILE PHOTO: Demonstrators hold an “Interfaith Prayer Vigil for Immigrant Justice” outside the federal building, where ethnic Chinese Christians who fled Indonesia after wide scale rioting decades ago and overstayed their visas in the U.S. must check-in with ICE, in Manchester, New Hampshire, U.S. on October 13, 2017. REUTERS/Brian Snyder/File Photo

Our national ethnic cleansing makes no exception for Christian minority groups because this is about getting rid of non-whites first and foremost.

A federal judge on Monday ordered U.S. immigration officials to delay any efforts to deport 51 Indonesians living illegally in New Hampshire so the group can have time to argue that changing conditions in that country would make it dangerous to return.

The order affects a group of Indonesian Christians who fled violence in that country two decades ago and had been living openly for years in New England under an informal deal. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials in August began ordering them to prepare to leave the country within two months.

Most members of the group covered by the 2010 deal with ICE entered the United States legally but overstayed their visas and failed to seek asylum on time.

Beginning in August, members of the group who showed up for ICE check-ins were told to prepare to leave the country, in keeping with U.S. President Donald Trump’s campaign promise to crack down on illegal immigration.

Members of the group have said in interviews with Reuters that they fear they would face persecution or violence for their Christian faith and Chinese ethnicity if they were returned to the world’s largest majority-Muslim country.

Once again, there is no question that ICE and Trump regime have the legal right to do this. But why? And the answer is racism. Given that ICE agents are incredibly and openly excited about deporting all the people they can, picking on easy prey such as Indonesian Christians serves the nation’s new ethnic cleansing agenda. It’s utterly disgusting, but here we are.

The United States is a shameful nation. All props though to those fighting to protect these people from deportation.

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