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The misogyny is coming from inside the newsroom!


I think the nature of the reporting on the two candidates screamed for itself, and yes that was incredibly frustrating. As were things like the pundits’ post-election head scratching about how tRump might have won. Or – God help us – the New York Fucking Times smugly informing us that as Responsible Citizens we had to give it money so that it could Expose the Truth about tRump.

What’s frustrating now is fact that some members of The Exalted Brotherhood of Naysayers, Tuttutists & Chillax Ladyers wouldn’t admit the misogyny was coming from inside the newsroom – much less that it would influence the election results – until there were multiple allegations of someone behaving like the priapismic boss in a Benny Hill sketch.

Making Corroborated Reports of the Display of Pseudo-sexual Aggression Towards Women Against Multiple Men the bar for what constitutes proof of rampant misogyny in an industry sets the bar conveniently high for people who want to pay lip service to the idea that Misogyny is Bad, and then go back to ignoring it. Or engaging in it.

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