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First, We Take Olympia, Then We Take Albany


It’s looking like the Democratic Party will be taking over the Washington State Senate, giving them full control of the government:

Holding a double-digit lead Tuesday night over her 45th District Senate opponent, Democrat Manka Dhingra appeared set to hand her party control of the Washington Senate — the last GOP-held legislative chamber on the West Coast.

In the highest-profile state legislative race in years, Dhingra led Republican Jinyoung Lee Englund with 55 percent of the vote.

While vote counting will continue in the coming days, Dhingra’s general election lead Tuesday was larger than her eight-point margin over Englund on primary night in August.

One would hope that the combination of Trump and the insanely unpopular McConnell/Ryan agenda it will finally start dawning on enough educated suburban Republican voters in blue states that however moderate their effect moderate Republicans don’t actually exist anymore.

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