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Privilege + ignorance = violence


Frederick Sorrell – who unsurprisingly also has a history of violence against women – unintentionally demonstrates the development of supremacists who can’t keep their ugly little fantasies to themselves:

Step 1. Soak vicious little brain in lies that portray marginalized groups as flawed/dangerous.
Step 2. Ignore and avoid facts about marginalized groups.
Step 3. Attack members of marginalized groups based on the lies.
Step 4. Claim ignorance-induced fear caused you to attack.

“I yelled at them, I said, ‘Take that off. Go back to your country if you want to wear that.’ Yes, I did,” Sorrell told KATU News after his court appearance Monday, adding he’s never seen anyone in a burka before. “I’ve never seen where it’s [niqab]. I’ve seen other hijabs, colorful and I smile at them. I think they are very colorful and I don’t hate Muslims. I don’t have anything against Muslims. I was scared when I saw it.”


Sorrell then admitted the only thing he knows about the Muslim faith is what he sees and reads on media and social media. When asked why he did not take an opportunity to learn about the Muslim faith Sorrell said, “because of my ignorance.”

A bigoted sex offender who admits he’s ignorant. I wonder how long it will be until tRump puts him in charge of something?

Update: Please forgive me, I forgot the punchline.

He says he’s now afraid for his own life.

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