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“Just a prankster, a juvenile gangster”


Today in Patriarchy and its subsidiary, White Supremacy, are weird: The POTUS acts like an insecure, impulsive, spoiled little boy, but he means well so that’s just fine!

One adviser who often speaks to the president said the conversation was likely freewheeling in the Oval Office, and he probably wanted to impress the officials.

Leaving aside why a 70-year-old alleged billionaire and leader leaker of the free world needs to impress anyone, and whether that insecurity and vanity might have been one of the many traits that made him attractive to a hostile nation in the first place, and many other questions I hope we’ll be around to discuss for years to come, but who can say? This would make the incident another Abraham Lincoln was a Republican moment.

Napoleorange is so stupid and incurious that he didn’t know the President of the United States gets daily intelligence briefings. But he thinks he’s like a smart person, therefore if he didn’t know about the briefings, it must be a well-kept secret that he could use to impress his Russian visitors.

And that guy with them who was taking lots of pictures for some reason.

At any rate:

“He doesn’t really know any boundaries. He doesn’t think in those terms,” this adviser said. “He doesn’t sometimes realize the implications of what he’s saying. I don’t think it was his intention in any way to share any classified information. He wouldn’t want to do that.”

This is not how one should speak of the leader of anything. Except possibly a secret tree house club with Sekrit TreeHose Klub glopped on the side with paint stolen from the garage. And such statements should be made after that leader has broken a neighbor’s window with an ill-aimed baseball or something.

Another aside – no references to The Them, please. Comparing the son of Frederick Christ Trump to the son of the Antichrist would be an insult to Adam and Satan.

And yet Agent Orange’s allies and enablers are using this language to defend #StupidestPresidentEver.

White House advisers, allies and one senior administration official noted that Trump often causes the biggest problems — but then blames others. Trump makes comments fueled by emotion or his gut without realizing the ramifications, one of these people said, “and then doesn’t realize what a clean-up job it’s going to be.” This person cited Trump’s tweet last week that there could be “tapes” of his meetings with Comey.

As I’ve said once or twice, tRump knows he’s creating a mess. It’s part of the fun. However, the people closest to him view him as a thoughtless child.

They also view him as someone who is fit to be President.

In a normal world, these two view points would be in such conflict that attempting to hold both at once would cause one’s head to explode. But we live in the world where men, especially white ones, can simultaneously be roaring tire fires and scamps who can be a little difficult.

The episode regarding classified information, which allegedly occurred last Wednesday in the Oval Office, was first reported by The Washington Post and sent his White House again in crisis control mode, days ahead of his first foreign trip. Aides had sought a calm week to avoid a widespread staff shake-up, which a displeased Trump has groused about to advisers and associates for the past four days. Earlier Monday, several officials said they were scrambling behind the scenes to appease Trump and avoid any seismic moves ahead of the trip.

Let’s hope they put him down for his nap before they sent him off to meet foreign leaders.

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