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When I Became President For the Seventh Time


Earlier today, Donald Trump read some words somebody prepared for him off of a teleprompter. So of course:

Two days ago, it was revealed that Trump told representatives of a foreign government that interfered with an election on his behalf that the director of the FBI he fired to obstruct the investigation into said interference was a “total nutjob.” But, yes, if he wears a suit and can read text without literally drooling he’s very Presidential. And you thought undergraduate grade inflation was bad!

While we’re here:

Clinton “has the biggest teleprompters I’ve ever seen,” Trump said at a Massachusetts campaign rally in January.

“I don’t use teleprompters,” he said in that speech.

But Trump’s disdain for teleprompters is not confined to Clinton’s use of them.

“I’ve always said, if you run for president, you shouldn’t be allowed to use teleprompters,” Trump said in October. “Because you don’t even know if the guy is smart.”

He used the teleprompter attack on his primary opponents in the opening months of the campaign.

“These other guys, they’re going around, they make a speech in front of 21 people. Nobody cares, they read the same speech…They have teleprompters,” Trump said at a campaign rally in August 2015. “I say we should outlaw teleprompters … for anybody running for president.”

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