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The Biggest Neoliberal in All Neoliberalland Speaks that Neoliberal Language



World’s greatest neoliberal tells it like it is, gets tsk-tsked by Washington scolds for being too honest.

Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Tom Perez isn’t afraid to swear in his speeches — a decision that’s raising eyebrows and earning criticism for the new Democratic Party head.

Perez, who has been traveling the country on a unity tour meant to unite the party after a bruising election season, regularly uses curse words in his speech, often to say some variation on his claim that Republicans “don’t give a s— about people”

The Washington Post compiled a super-cut of clips where Perez has dropped curse words during appearances. But Perez, the former Obama administration Labor secretary who was elected chairman in February following a heated race, brushed off the flak he has been receiving during an interview with the newspaper.

“I’m always amused that Republicans feign indignation when they hear the word s— out of Tom Perez,” he told the Post. “And they observe what Donald Trump has been saying for decades. I mean, my goodness.”

But Republicans aren’t the only ones criticizing Perez. CNN host John King criticized Perez on the channel, while a panel Monday similarly slammed his language.

“I think that’s unnecessary,” King said. “I think you can do it with manners, I really do. Passion’s good. Manners good also.”

Perez has began catching heat from the GOP for his language after speaking to the New Jersey Working Families Alliance on March 31 at an event that was broadcast on Facebook Live. Perez used profanity as he slammed President Trump over his health care reform proposals.

“Well I’ll tell you my idea, because you know what embodies their program? ‘I don’t care,’” Perez told the crowd, referencing the GOP’s failed healthcare proposals. He then added, to applause, “Because they don’t give a s— about people.”

Both sides do it of course but Democrats do it worse. Because it’s basically OK when it swearing is in the service of upper class tax cuts or demonizing Mexicans, but not when it is in the service of telling the truth to power. Or as whoever runs the DNC Twitter account says:

“Taking away health care from 24 million people is going low. Giving a shit about people is going high,” the DNC responded.

Look at that neoliberal sellout statement!

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