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A lie can run around the world before tRump gets his golf cleats on


When Faux starts describing The Wuggly-Trump’s late night trips to the toilet as a response to an urgent 3 a.m. call, it will be more factually based than its claim that he does anything that resembles work.

Late Sunday afternoon, Fox News’s Twitter issued a “news alert” informing the public that President Donald Trump was “spending the weekend working at the White House.” It was a weird tweet for a couple of reasons: First, the idea that the president of the United States, typically a very busy person, had to keep doing his job over the weekend doesn’t exactly seem newsworthy.
Second, Trump spent a significant portion of the weekend at his Virginia golf course.

Republicans will blithely assert that people should work multiple jobs in order to survive, then demand a basket of cookies when they do any work. And when actually doing any work is too much trouble, they’ll lie and still want the cookies.

After a hard day of non-meetings and anti-work on the links, the Yammering Yam unwound with a trip to his hotel in D.C., which does not at all suggest the current Republican president has the attention span of a – squirrel! – and is a vain human being who starts to doubt his existence if he doesn’t see his gold-embossed name all over the place several times a day.

President was at Trump National for 55 minutes today. WH tells pool that he had three meetings. Instagram posts suggest he was watching golf

Neither should one wonder how much Americans will wind up paying the Orange Oaf to play at his own resorts and eat at his own restaurants. At any rate, this is clearly yet another masterly distraction from whatever issue you should be paying attention to. I’d tell you what it is, but what with all the masterly distractions that look like the actions of of a man so far out of his depth the fish have lights on their noses to the untutored eye, I’ve lost track of what that is.

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