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Why Paul Ryan Wants to Destroy the ACA



Alas, he doesn’t seem to have gotten the alternative fact that it’s a neoliberal sellout to insurance interests, and instead seems to think that it was a substantial redistribution in wealth and increase in regulation:

Republicans in Congress have been saying for months that they are working on a plan to repeal and replace Obamacare in the Trump era. Now we have the outline of that plan, and it looks as if it would redirect federal support away from poorer Americans and toward people who are wealthier.

A white paper drafted by House leadership and the staff of the House and Senate committees that oversee health policy details a structure that could replace large sections of the Affordable Care Act. Crucially, the proposal largely contains provisions that could be passed through a special budget process that requires only 50 Senate votes, and fulfills President Trump’s promise that the repeal and replacement of the law would take place “simultaneously.”

The plan would make major changes in how health care is financed for Americans who don’t get coverage from work. It would greatly expand the number of Americans who could benefit from federal help in buying health insurance, but it would change who benefits most from that support.

Obamacare, as the A.C.A. is known, extended health coverage to 20 million Americans through two main mechanisms. It expanded Medicaid coverage to Americans below or just above the poverty line in states that participated, and it offered income-based tax credits for middle-income people to buy their own insurance. Obamacare was a redistributive law, transferring money from rich to poor.

It’s still more the sketch of a plan than a plan, but the fact that it seems to be designed to avoid the filibuster shows that Ryan isn’t going to abandon his dream of taking away healthcare from millions of people and making it much worse for many millions more to pay for upper-class tax cuts without a fight. Here’s what people can do to try to stop him.

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