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Let’s all go to the movies


(Warning – The video contains John Kricfalusi-style potty humor)

The Academy Awards are a few weeks away and there’s no chance Appellate Films – producer of such cinematic blockbusters as that thing Dinesh D’Felon put together – will receive any sort of recognition.

This is a shame because AF deserves at least 90 seconds of pointing and laughing. It’s current HOT PROJECT is about Joe Arpaio, but it has a 18 projects it is threatening to dump into the culturesphere before the next election, including:

BLUE DAWN tells the true story of police brutality and corruption while exposing the socialist elements exploiting the “hands up – black lives matter” movement, and reveals the ultimate truth that all lives matter and that only justice based upon the Word of God can preserve our liberty.

Socialists exploiting a civil rights movement is the New Age P.C. woo white supremacist version of communists running the civil rights movement.

GENOCIDE is the hardest hitting, true account of Planned Parenthood and its founder Margaret Sanger, that exposes the brutal reality of a 100 million person holocaust against the unborn in America that makes Hitler, Stalin, and all the wars of the 20th century combined pale in comparison.

Every time a woman exercises control over her body, zombie Hitler pales in excitement.

FIVE ENEMIES OF GOD AND LIBERTY will answer the questions, “why if conservative principles are superior, if the God we serve is real, and the candidates we nominate are godly, why have we been losing America for more than half a century”? The answer is betrayal from within. The ugly, brutal, but honest truth is that there is no profit to be gained by certain leaders if we actually restore a Godly nation.

Spoiler: First they’ll beg the questions, then they’ll point the finger of accusation at some big shots who ignored their cup rattling.

(Update – I added a link to The Pink Swastika’s wiki page so you all won’t think I made up that term.)

And don’t worry, they’ve got the pink swastika angle covered as well.

GAYSTAPO is a no holds barred expose of the targeted violence and persecution of Christians, and Christian businesses, by the militant homosexual movement. It will directly compare the gay movement’s rise, tactics, and ultimate fate to that of the Storm troopers (SA) at the hands of the (SS) in Nazi Germany.

I assume George Soros will be Hitler in this scenario, because that’s what I expect from the snake handlers who compare medical procedures to the victims of the Holocaust. But I can’t begin to guess who Rohm will be.

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